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The processes


Everything related to the production process is certified by the gas filler material, and comes only from selected provides: is not admitted that a batch of defective material enters into the production process and for this reason, the production batch is identified by codes that allow the operator to trace the type of wire, gas and machine used.

Scaravetti Chairs

Is the main brand. The realization and commercialization of chairs, tables for catering and for the community, are characterized by an high production standard.

Scaravetti Custom

Is the Company brand, which deals with the realization of customized products for the customer, from the feasibility to design and implementation of samples and series products. Contract for various sectors like hotels, casinos, airports and much more.

Scaravetti OMS

Scaravetti Officine Meccaniche was born from the internal need to have an equipment that build mechanisms, components and technology supporting the first two brands. Today the internal division includes engineering, the laser cutting processes, bending, milling, welding and finishing are available for third party companies.

The cut

The cut of the raw material takes place through CNC machine lasers allowiing to reach very high tolerances.

The bending

The bending of the tubular profiles takes place by electro hydraulic new generation machines, controlled by CNC and 3D softwares able to generate every type of structure. The shaping and calendering are entrusted to presses that can arrive to 100 tons.

The milling

The milling of steels and plastic materials is possible through the work center with maximum lenghty of 1300mm, and thanks to a spindle of 10000 revolutions we can have excellent surface finishes.

The welding

The welding department is equipped with two robots with orbital rotary positioned and a MIG-MAG generator. However there are several tradition wire welding stations, two oxygen-acetylene brazing stations and one TIG welding station.